Located in the heart of the city of Matera, the “FC apartment” designed by the architect Marima De Pace, of approximately 110 square metres, reflects the young and contemporary spirit of its owner, on whose tastes and ideals every phase of construction was based. 

This project perfectly combines functional spaces and harmonious living, thanks to the use of furnishings that maximise the use of space, flooding the home with plenty of light and making it visually appealing. The chosen materials and colours also help to create a simple, elegant and youthful ambience that enhances the contemporary design of the flat, which is made even more relaxing and cosy by the warm shades of the parquet flooring used: 95 sq. m. of varnished and brushed rustic oak CP Parquet flooring. In this way, the home becomes a special place for attaining a state of deep inner peace. Spatial layout and the warmth of a wooden floor allow us to recharge our batteries and instantly feel at ease, safe and loved in our home, where we can experience well-being and feel completely re-energised.

Project: Architect Marima De Pace
Ph: Pierangelo Laterza