As it is a natural material, wood reacts to changes in ambient conditions.
An r.a.h. (relative air humidity) of 40% to 60% represents an ideal environment for timber floors.
In winter, artificial room heating tends to make the flooring shrink, which can lead to splitting.
Use special humidifiers to prevent the air in the rooms becoming too dry.
Hygrometers and thermometers should also be used to keep an eye on room conditions.
Caring for a pre-finished parquet involves just a few simple rules.
Use a broom or vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, and stains should be removed with a damp cloth.
Only ever use the recommended cleaners, NEVER ammonia-based products.
Room temperature should be kept at 18-22°, with a relative humidity of 45-60%; this environment is the key to your parquet’s long life and good condition.
We also recommend the use of an air humidifier.
Wear is an inevitable characteristic of a living material such as wood but, over time, it actually contributes to the floor’s beauty by creating a ‘lived in’ feel.
Accidental damage can be avoided by sticking felt pads onto the base of chair legs and any other furniture that is often moved around.
Areas which are most frequently walked over, such as doorways and hallways, can be protected with rugs; flower and plant pots should be provided with suitable bases to prevent water spilling out of them.
The use of quality finishing materials and suitable care products will help to keep the parquet looking good over a long lifetime.


DETERSOAP use instructions: Dilute 1:1-4 parts in warm water: perfect for dirt removal during periodic floor cleaning Dilute 1:50 – 60 parts equal to 1/3 glasses in 8 - 10 litres in warm water: perfect for daily floor cleaning.
Damp the cloth in the solution obtained and wring out excess water. For oiled or waxed floors, we recommend using 2 water buckets: one to be used with the cleaning solution and the other for rinsing the dirt cloth after every pass on the floor to be cleaned.
Clean the floor thoroughly and evenly. At the end the floor will be clean and sanitised.
CLEANWAX is a natural wax- and resin-based products. It revives and preserves the protective and aesthetic features of the initial surface treatments without wax building up. It does not release toxic or harmful substances. Cleanwax has different features according to the colour of the oiled surface finish (neutral Cleanwax for natural oiled finish - white Cleanwax for white oiled finish - chestnut-coloured Cleanwax for distressed finish).
CLENWAX use instructions: use instructions: pure on floors previously cleaned using Detersoap (1 litre for a 30-40/sqm surface). Apply the product using a special cloth for wx application in a thin and even layer avoiding build-up.
It requires a single application. DO not walk over the floor until it is completly dry (between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the room temperature) in order not to leave foot prints or marks on the floor surface. When completely dry, rub the surface with a wool cloth or use a polisher with felt pads for a more glossy appearance. Frequency: follow instructions on wax bottle.



Laying with cement glue

Spread the Litokol Litoplus K55 cement glue evenly on the support.
Cut the mosaic tile according to the desired dimensions.
Treat the cut edge with sealant of the type “Sigilpack”.
Glue the mosaic to the support.

Laying floors with epoxy adhesive

Open the product pack.
In the pack is the catalyst (component B). Cut the angle of the catalyst envelope.
Pour all the catalyst (component B) in the component A.
Mix with care the mixture to catalyze all the product.
The packages are dosed to make no errors. The mixture is workable for about 45 minuts at +23°C
Put the mixture on the tile.
Stick the mixture in the tile groutings, with a rubberized flat trowel.
Make diagonal movements by the tile groutings.
Cover all the tile groutings with the mixture.
Take away the excess mixture with the rubberized flat trowel.
Make cleanliness and finishing with the fresh mixture
Make cleanliness and finishing with the fresh mixture
Put clean water on the tile. Make a first cleanliness with circolar movements.
Pay attention to not to empty the tile groutings. Erase all the halos from the surface.
Seal the tesseras and remove the excess mixture from the tile
Use clean water. Exchange frequently the washing water and the sponge, if soaked in mixture.
Make a second cleanliness with a rigid sponge to have a smooth and closed surface
Remove the mixture from the tesseras, without empting the groutings, and drying the excess water.
After at least 20 minutes you can erase the transparent halos.
Mix the same quantity of LITONET with clean water.
Put the 1:1 LITONET solution.
Keep the solution on the tile for 15 minuts.
Rinse out with clean water.