A natural barrier
against germs
and bacteria

The wood flooring
to use sanitised

A special hygienic, transparent varnish maintains the original beauty of wood flooring; it protects the floor without altering its colour or natural look.
It is permanently effective until the silver ion varnish is removed. Cleaning your floor daily does not affect the sanitising reaction in any way.

A natural
against germs
and bacteria

Your wood flooring becomes an ally in keeping your home perfectly clean, ensuring a healthier, safer environment where your children, and all the family, can live happily. This revolutionary new varnish adds a mighty invisible barrier to the floor, to combat the enemies of hygiene, especially those we can’t see, like germs and bacteria.

No compromise
on good looks
and hygiene

Innovative research into materials, colours and varnish has led to a new protective coating, enhanced with silver ion technology. When a micro-organism comes in contact with wood protected by this special varnish, the silver ions activate to eliminate the bacteria. Laboratory studies prove its true effectiveness in the natural elimination of the increasingly spreading bacteria in our homes.

For places
hygiene is

Finishing wood flooring with silver ion technology varnish ensures greater hygiene and a healthy environment in your home: junior bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, particularly where there are pets.
It is the ideal solution that combines allure and functionality in all places where high standards of hygiene are essential, such as dental surgeries, beauty centres, nurseries, schools, restaurants, bakeries, public offices, swimming pools and saunas.

Clean and ecological

Sanitised floors are environmentally friendly because they require less frequent cleaning with less detergent.