Why I choose CP Parquet


In perfect harmony with the environment and wellbeing.

The atmosphere of a house with wooden floors is special. That lovely clean smell of nature welcomes you in a pure relaxing environment where the quality of the air is healthier and contact with a warm living surface instills a wonderful sensation of wellbeing.
Highly attractive sustainable creations come together to protect the environment by choosing fully recyclable products created with renewable resources that are carefully processed to protect humans and nature.


Solid certainties and extra thickness.

CP Parquet flooring is made of real wood from top to bottom so that it will last a lifetime.
Over 20 years’ experience in creating two or three layer wooden floorboards and constant research ensure selection of the most stable wood species and top quality processing that observes drying time, stabilization and varnishing. You can perceive the force of wood in boards with a 5mm extra thick top layer that is more resistant to use and wear.


What’s on top is also below, no surprises.

Three layer floorboards provide a double guarantee of stability. The visible top layer and the substrate are both in the same valuable 5mm extra thick wood species.
In between is the core, also in real wood. The three layers are crossed and alternated to increase strength and
dimensional stability
in situ.


Inspired by new design trends and the most up-to-date colours.

The new refined trendy finishes that exalt the grain and characteristics of wood in a new way
give wooden flooring contemporary colours and a young fresh fascination. The laying
patterns animate the surfaces and play with reflected light to create an intriguing effect of
movement enhanced by the natural grain of the wood. Reinterpretation of traditional formats, such as large squares (Quadrotte) awe you with elegantly minimal textured inlays.


A never-ending love story.

The best love stories are those that never end, that make your heart skip a beat just like the
first time you met and give you an emotion that in a split second lights up your day.
That’s how it is with wooden floors.
They stay with you for a lifetime, withstanding your steps and those of your loved ones in safety. Your floor stays as attractive as it was when you first saw it in your home and at the same time is extraordinary every time you look at it. Every day you are enthralled by a new detail: an unusually shaped knot, a perfume that reminds you of a special occasion, or a ray of light that illuminates the surface with a new nuance.


The certainty of guaranteed excellence and quality.

Certification is an extra aid to advising people about floors: it is proof of a commitment to environmental friendliness, protection of consumers’ health and a desire to improve
Clear information about product quality, origins, healthiness and the
processing systems used is an essential value to assist making a
well-informed choice.


Made in Italy with care, good taste and admirably crafted finishes.

We are particularly proud that CP Parquet flooring is entirely made in Italy where we still have a deep-rooted feeling for the culture of woodworking and design. We express our passion for things well made by applying painstaking care to details.


You’re spoiled for choice of shapes, colours and dimensions

It’s nice to be able to choose according to your personal inspiration, satisfy your wishes
without compromising and finally find that special flooring you’ve always wanted because it represents your style and enhances the unique qualities of your home. The range of species,
shapes, colour schemes, finishes and treatments is truly awesome: endless combinations
are possible.


Which is the right wood flooring for you?

Your choice is linked to the characteristics of the rooms you wish to furnish, the size of the boards you want to use and the quality you require. 3 layers wood flooring is the ultimate in prefinished wood flooring: it ensures maximum stability over time and lets you dare with extra widths and lengths to create a stunning floor. In addition 3 layers boards are ideal for floating. 
CP Parquet is one of the few companies to create top quality wood flooring with 3 crossed layers. The same wood species is used for both the visible surface layer and the out of sight bottom layer.
This produces a resistant, dynamic structure that will observe the rhythms of nature and absorb normal variations in humidity and temperature. 2 layers wood flooring adds the pleasure of walking on a real wood floor to practicality. Due to its slimmer thickness it is particularly suitable for renovations: it can be laid without having to raise thresholds. The use of medium sized boards in smaller rooms will create a more attractive, harmonious appearance, whereas maxi boards could seem out of proportion in a small room. 2 layers boards can also be used for fascinating special patterns, such as herringbone or chevron. For better stability CP Parquet 2 layers boards also have a robust surface layer and a solid natural wood bottom layer.